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For the month of October 2012 Richard K. Meister was the Artist Daily artist of the month, for which they displayed one of his paintings at the top of their web site and which linked to his online profile.

In 2015 Richard K. Meister won third place for his art at the St.Stephens Art Show in Coconut Grove Florida.

Richard K. Meister is a full-time artist who started painting in oils in 2000 and his art education has mostly come by self-direction and independent study from putting miles of paint down on canvas. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of Tenebrism and Chiaroscuro in his paintings. However, he desires to paint a picture that is aesthetically pleasing and one that would be a compliment to any collection. Although Richard K. Meister studied under his mentor and friend Joaquin Godoy, a prominent Cuban artist, for several years, he is influenced by other artists such as David A. Leffel, Jeff Legg, and Elizabeth Robbins for his still-life and Dennis Sheehan for his landscapes.

As well as being an accomplished painter, Richard has also been working in stained glass creating lamps and window art.

Richard wishes to express his graditude to those who have invested in his art and he hopes his art will be enjoyed for generations.

"Nothing is more satisfying to me as a painter than to have someone acquire my art because they want to look at it everyday." - Richard K. Meister

Gallery Representation
Santa Fe Colonial Gallery
4704 SW 72nd Ave
Miami, FL 33155
(305) 665-5580